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Secret X Generator

Secret X Generator produces four prime advantages. They are Password Generator, Crypto Message, Crypto File and Encryption Hash.
It's simple but powerfull. Can be saved into various media such as flashdisk, diskette, multimedia card, etc. Its easy to carry as necessary as everytime you need. Do not make your confidential documents are stolen by unresponsible people. Its time to be wisely cover your documents with a security aplication to solve whole your confidential problems.
Secret X Generator is designed to handle four high security points.

1. Password Generator

Confuse to determining fit password? Sometimes you did not realize how many passwords had been used to protect your systems, emails, webs administrator and so on. Sometimes everytime you decide a password you make the same password or simple password to be guessed in order to make easier your memories to remember. It's a high risk password.
With Password Generator which built-in on Secret X Generator, you can collect many varietifly passwords as you want. Password Generator produces hundred even thousand passwords depend your combination. Password Generator is built with two combination methodes, they are Stream Methode and Brute-force Methode. Stream Methode produces simple remembered password, but it might produces less results than Brute-Force Methode. Brute-Force Methode is able generates thousand hundreds even million passwords. Much of passwords makes you confuse to decide the best passwords, that's why Password Generator limited you upto 9999 passwords.

2. Crypto Message

Everytime you wrote the special message for someone confidentially. Every its time you scared the message was read by wrong people. Let it the task to Crypto Message!. Crypto Message performs disorder messages until never can be read. Guaranteed!. Crypto message uses symmetric key, private or public key (optional). Crypto message is divided by two character format, they are Standard format and Rush-X format. Standard format uses 64 based characters that commonly be used by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Internet data Standard. Rush-X format uses 16 based characters, twice standard format length, but twice more secure. Rush-X is only recommended for short messages.

3. Crypto File

Any important document files that you will send to someone? worry to be stolen by the other people whom unauthorized? Use Crypto file! Crypto file using symmetric key and public key(optional) which fully encrypt file with highly security level. Guaranteed! Crypto file supports all file types either text or binary.

4. Encryption Hash

Encryption hash generates hexa code with constant length. It is infeasible to decrypt. Using digest algorithm, symmetric and asymmetric keys. These available Encryption types are CRC-16, CRC-24, CRC-32 and MD5.




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