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SYNDROM-X (Born to Fight, Fight for Justice)


Syndrom-XSyndrom-X adalah sindrom jahat yang mengerikan yang telah menjangkiti dalam pikiran manusia. Dunia tidak memiliki aturan lagi. Hanya empat pejuang tetap yang dapat membuat perubahan dunia yang lebih baik. Game ini mendorong Anda untuk melawan semua orang yang telah terinfeksi olehnya. Setelah Anda menyelesaikan tahap itu berarti Anda harus menyelamatkan nyawa mereka di bawah kontrol sindrom dan membuat mereka bergabung dengan Anda. Hadapilah dan kalahkan raja jahat di tingkat sulit dengan pejuang kuat Anda dan membuat dunia kembali damai. Permainan ini didukung oleh flash. Banyak fitur dan kode rahasia didalamnya.


Syndrom-X DemoSyndrom-X is a terrible evil syndrome which has explored in mind of human being. World has no rules anymore. Only four fighters remain who can make world change better. This game push you to fight against all people who has infected by it. Once you finish the stage that mean you have save their lives under syndrome control and make they join to you. Face and defeat the king of evil in difficult level with your powerfull fighters and make peacefull world back.The game is powered by flash. Many features and secret code inside.

  • Include up to 4 players
  • 2 Game Modes : Stage Mode & VS Mode
  • Keyboard controls setting
  • Up to 4 difficulty levels
  • Up to 5 battle locations
  • Up to 5 different weathers
  • Over 20 characters inside.
  • Blood and special moves effects
  • Fight against human or computer
  • Build with standalone player
  • Saving Scores, and much more..
Syndrom-X now is build with standalone player and scoring saver. Syndrom-X is a game that contains 3 elements of fun, they are :
  1. Adventure, while the journey to face the king of evil, player have to fight against enemy by enemy in every stage.
  2. Battle, player can fight cooperate team max. 4 fighters in stage mode with human or computer control.
  3. Fighting, player fight against human versus human or computer, in single or cooperate in VS mode.
  • Control your fighter which is handled by computer in cooperate team by 'come and stay' command ( v + p + k ) or 'move' command ( > + p + k ).
  • If you have no energy remain, use Air Punch ( j + p ) or Air Kick ( j + k ). These secret moves cannot be used by enemy.
  • If you prefer to collect much more points score, try to fight with no special moves. As much as points that you collect, as much as money that you get.
  • Now if you pass the stage 1 in normal level, you get Mat Prokem to join you with paswword code. Use currently cheat code to get Mat Prokem too : 411vh4t3. After you type the code in password, then choose character in random. While countdown click ok and Mat Prokem will appear to help you fight.



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Lokasi : Jakarta

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